Prices from 4 January, 2017

Daily tickets


and holidays

Adult ticket with locker usage5 300 Ft5 500 Ft
Adult ticket with cabin usage5 700 Ft5 900 Ft

Under the age of 2 the bath is free of charge. Thermal water is not recommended under the age of 14. In case parents insist to come with a baby, he/she can enter the pools only if toilet-trained.

Budapest Card is accepted for daily tickets. Further information can be found at

Massages and treatments
for 1 person
for 2 persons
Aroma massage (20 minutes)5 500 Ft-
Aroma massage (50 minutes)11 000 Ft-
Thermal massage (20 minutes)6 000 Ft-
Thermal massage (50 minutes)12 000 Ft-
Refreshing head massge (20 minutes)4 500 Ft-
Refreshing leg massage (20 minutes)4 500 Ft-
Lava stone massage (60 minutes)13 500 Ft 
Harmony aroma massage (20 minutes)7 000 Ft12 000 Ft
Harmony aroma massage (50 minutes)14 000 Ft25 000 Ft
Harmony aroma massage (70 minutes)17 000 Ft31 000 Ft
Treatment "Lavander Dream" (70 minutes)20 000 Ft37 000 Ft
Royal thermal massage (20 minutes)7 500 Ft12 500 Ft
Royal thermal massage (50 minutes)15 000 Ft27 000 Ft
Royal thermal massage (70 minutes)18 000 Ft33 000 Ft
Royal thermal massage with goat butter (50 minutes)16 000 Ft29 000 Ft
Royal thermal massage with goat butter (70 minutes)19 000 Ft35 000 Ft


Private bathing for 2 persons (120 minutes)16 000 Ft
Red red wine for 2 persons (90 minute-long, red wine bathing)14 500 Ft
Pedicure3 500 Ft
Visitor ticket (1)2 000 Ft
Daily ticket on the naturist sundeck for women1 800 Ft
Daily ticket on the naturist sundeck for families1 800 Ft
Naturist sundeck for women for 10 occasions16 200 Ft
Naturist sundeck for families for 10 occasions16 200 Ft

(1) Visits are organised on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 11 am and 3 pm.

Rental fees

 Rental feeDeposit
Towel1 000 Ft2 000 Ft
Swimming suit for men or women2 000 Ft2 000 Ft
Bathrobe2 500 Ft5 000 Ft
Swimming cap700 Ft
Slippers800 Ft

We kindly inform our guests that we suggest to arrive to the baths 40 minutes before your treatment, so you have enough time to get your ticket, changing and showering. If you are late, we are unfortunately forced to shorten the time of the treatment in order to start the next one in time. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Towel is not included.

In case of pregnancy, fomer operation or any disease, please inform us.

We hope that your stay will be more pleasant and full of nice experinces with this additional information.

Euro is not accepted in our baths.