What sets your mind at ease? We know the answer: an aromatherapy massage, a relaxing treatment done by calm, slow and gentle movements. This massage, a favourite kind of massage nowadays is not only one of the great many treatments in the hot water medicinal baths of Budapest. It is a thrilling experience, a relaxing massage scented with precious aromas and warm oil.

The aromatherapy massage is specifically recommended:

  • as a first massage experience in case you are unfamiliar with the realm of massages
  • in times of increased mental and physical load
  • for insomnia


With a widely known immune system boosting effect the charming white flower is the number one ingredient of aromatherapies. It decreases distress, sets the mind at ease and triggers harmonious happy thoughts. Our senses are almost petted by its soothing essential oils. Although the jasmine aromatic massage suits all types of skin, its moisturizer with certified organic active substances take best care of the middle aged skin.


They say rose is the queen of flowers, the symbol of beauty. Its shape reminds of a genuine woman: romantic, almost like a young girl, but at the same time it flirts sensually. Its precious essential oils do set your mind at ease and help relaxing, keep your skin clean and make it elastic. All types of skin is relieved by the rose essential oils especially ageing skin.


Lemon cools, refreshes and inspires. Breath in the typical smell of its essential oils and your soul turns young. Rub it into your skin to relax. Our citrus refreshing massage suits all skin types, but because of the disinfecting and pore shrinking effect of the citrus oil it takes best care of young skin. Attention: avoid strong sunshine and solarium right after your massage as our treatments use cosmetics with a high share of active substances.


Do you know which plant enhances inner strength of men and increases the circulation of their blood? A Javanese grass: the active substance and leading scent of our treatment specifically recommended for men. The vetiver has smoky, woody smell which reminds us of the scent of a forest after rain. Because of its relaxing and circulation enhancing impacts vetiver helps you ease the stress. Moreover it is perfectly applied against aching muscles and joints.

The 20-minute harmony aroma treatments are partial massages. Optional areas to be massaged: back-shoulders and/or limbs.
The 50-minute harmony aroma treatments full massages that do not include face and sole massage.
During our 70 minute harmony aroma treatments facial toners with highly active substances and moisturizers are used both of which are complemented by overall body-, facial-, and head massage.


Harmony aromatherapy treatments

For one person

For two persons

20 minutes

HUF 12,000

HUF 12,000

50 minutes

HUF 14,000

HUF 25,000

70 minutes

HUF 17,000

HUF 31,000

ROYAL THERMAL MASSAGES (20', 50’ and 70’)

An increasing amount of people have been affected by locomotive disorders nowadays. Symptoms might come at a rather early age and we hardly ever come across a person without complaints. Developing or established joint gout are equally eased by a thorough massage. Swedish method makes the thermal massage unique. The masseur applies more powerful, dynamic movements, assesses the state of the muscles, touches on painful parts and taking all these into consideration works out a tailor made treatment. Due to the professional use of stroking, rubbing movements the effect of the massage is immediately felt, tension in the muscles, pain in the body is eased.

Thermal massage is specifically recommended:

  • in times of increased physical load,
  • in the case of non inflamed arthritic pains and aching muscles,
  • for recreation, relaxation and easing the muscles.


This massage is a perfect complement of thermal bathing. Based on a more powerful Swedish method the massage is offered for those who prefer a more dynamic treatment.


It is the therapeutic version of the royal thermal massage. Following the massage the masseur applies an extremely strong balm containing goat butter to the aching regions of the body in order to enhance the healing effect. By doing so the masseur also increases the painkilling effect of the massage.


Lavender is one of the most well-known ingredients of aromatherapies. The little violet flower creates harmony in man, its look and scent amazes everyone, refreshes, recreates and at the same time sets your mind at ease. Lavender dream is not only a treatment. Your body is fully scrubbed by a mixture of Atlantic salt and real lavender blooms which is followed by a tip-to-toe massage with a special, warm lavender oil. Lavender sprinkle, facial toner and uniquely nutritious lavender moisturizer are used during the entire relaxing body massage.

Lavender dream treatment is specially recommended for all who wishes to undergo an unusual relaxing treatment

The 20-minute treatments are partial massages. Optional areas to be massaged: back-shoulders and/or limbs.
The 20-minute treatments full massages that do not include face and sole massage.
The 70 minute thermal treatments include overall body massage, refreshing foot, facial and head massage, too.



for one person

for two persons

20 minutes

Royal thermal massage

HUF 7,500

HUF 12,500

50 minutes

Royal thermal massage

HUF 15,000

HUF 27,000

Royal thermal massage with goat butter

HUF 16,000

HUF 29,000

70 minutes

Royal thermal massage

HUF 18,000

HUF 33,000

Royal thermal massage

HUF 19,000

HUF 35,000

Lavender dream treatment

HUF 20,000

HUF 37,000